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publikováno 4. února 2010

According to surviving records the company was established in 1826. A little later production of bone glue as well as hide glue became the predominant concern of the company. We have therefore a long tradition and experience in manufacture of animal glue. In 1990, as a part of our philosophy of environmental friendliness, a modern biological sewage treatment plant and a gas boiler with the cost of approx. USD 1, 4 million were put into operation.

The investment cost of about 1, 9 million USD in 1992-1993 enabled major modernization of technological process of glue production. Our traditional cooperation with universities and leading specialists in the field allows us to constantly respond to demands and wishes of our customers. Currently, in addition to the classical production of quality hide glue we focus on production of printing adhesives workable both in warmth and cold, animal fat and pure natural soaps. In 2004, biological wastewater treatment plant was modernised.


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