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Krmná želatina

Colour: light 
Digestibility of nitrogenous stuff: 98,9 %
Fat: 0,2 g/kg
Solid: 87,4 
Humidity: 12,6 
Nitrogenous stuff: 965 g/kg
Calcium: 0,49 g/kg
Digestible nitrogenous stuff: 956,5 
pH: 7,00 

It is proven to be a good protein binder.

It is added into food compounds.It increases elasticity and rigidity. It can be used in food without restriction. It improves the quality of feeding stuffs.The effect is durability of feeding compounds without a significant increase of hardness. High effectivity by low dosing is characteristic.It is suitable for manufacturing of food stuff for all carnivorous animals, pets other than ruminants.


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