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Basis: modified dry hide glue 
Colour: bronze/white 
Film characteristic: fixed/elastic according to customers´wish 
Viscosity: depends on working solution preparation mPas(min) 
Working temperature: 55 - 60° C, with possibility to increase up to 75° C  °C
Working solution preparation: dried product stir up fastly to a cold water, after 1-3 min heat up to working temperature 

quick-drying glue, good ability to cover the glued area, high strength bonded joints, open time is dependent on the working temperature and the degree of dilution. Properties adhesives Glutam DRY white / bronze are the same, differing in coour only


for making of book covers and binders in paper and printing industries such as machine Kolbus BMD 10, 20 or more Hörauf, Stahl, Viking Gluer machine WD 103, etc. Hot water cleaning machines.

Disposal: Glutam is water soluble, well-biodegradable, contains no hazardous substances or substances subject to mandatory labeling. The product can be disposed of after multiple dilution in the biological treatment plant.

Storage: When stored in a dry storage and packaging intact product has a minimum life of 1 year. Storage temperature -20 ° to +30 ° C

Packaging, Transportation: Glutam is packed in PE bags with a valve cap of 12.5 kg, shipped on pallets. Forwarded by covered means of transport.

Thinning: In case of ned t is possible to use a different proportion of water and powder. Dilution depends on used machines and their technological competence.

Caution: Always add powder to water, not vice versa!


Weight of the product Water amount Viscosity at 60° C

10kg 6 l more than 15000 mPas

10kg 7 l 8000 to 9000 mPas

10kg 8 l 5000-6000 mPas

10kg 10 l from 1000 to 2000mPas


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