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Feeding fat

Humidity and volatile stuff in oils and fats: 0,14 
Number of fat acidity mgKOH: 1,1 
Unsoluble impurities in fat: 0,15 
Feeding fat is of animal origin. It is a product of heat - mechanical processes while processing of flashings. It features very good chemical parameters, high level of fatty acids, low amount of water, ash and low grade of KOH.

Hydrolyzed protein

Colour: Dark 
Fiber: 23,7 g/kg
Digestibility of nitrogenous stuff: 97,8% %
Ash: 29,2 g/kg
Fat: 117 g/kg
N - stuff: 388 g/kg
Solid: 90,8 
It is suitable as a food ingredient.

Feeding gelatine

Colour: light 
Digestibility of nitrogenous stuff: 98,9 %
Fat: 0,2 g/kg
Solid: 87,4 
Humidity: 12,6 
Nitrogenous stuff: 965 g/kg
Calcium: 0,49 g/kg
Digestible nitrogenous stuff: 956,5 
pH: 7,00 
It is proven to be a good protein binder.


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