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Sirkárenský klih

Melting point: 31 
Viscosity of 17,75% solution by 40° C: 7 ° Englera min
Water content: 15 % (max)
Decline of viscosity: 25 (max)
pH: 5,5 - 7,5 1% solution
Gel rigidity: 300 Bloom/g (min)
Foamability: According to customers´requests 

Hide glue specially made for match industry with high level of formability.

Cleaning machines: hot water
Storage: glue should be stored in dry and covered rooms, well ventilated and protected from rodents. In compliance with the above storage conditions, storage time is limited.
Disposal: glue is well biodegradable, after dilution, it can be disposed of in the biological treatment plant.
Packaging, Transportation: glue is packed in PE bags with a valve cap 30 kg, shipped on pallets. Forwarded covered means of transport.
Environmental safety: glue is made from natural ingredients and contains no life-threatening chemicals.
Preparation of working solution: dry glue is soaked in cold water, swelling (50 - 120 min. - depending on the texture of glue), the glue is dissolving in a double-tube tank while stirring at a working temperature
* Viscosity is expressed as a 17.75% solution at 40 ° C, a decrease of viscosity after 24 hours


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